mercredi 5 novembre 2008

time is loooooong...

I should say that I feel bored about it... and sad of course. I can't do anything, just waiting alone that it goes. I miss you. So looooong time I didn't see you, and this time is anything when I think the rest I have to endure!

I've started the insomnia and the nightmares quite early this year, one month and a half aftur!! Kwach :-((

I'm just thinking of you hardly, you who can no more read these lines, you who are around because imagining this make my life lighter (and brighter Gizmo will say haha! "light briiiight!").

But I'm still happy, now it's just this little stone in a corner of my pocket, a little tear-stone...

Je t'aime M

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    T'as vraiment un mauvais anglais, on n'y comprend rien et puis zut!
    Her grave was clean/ with some flowers in between/ the sun was high/ but no more birds in the sky/ she's not there/ don't be bitter/ we're sometimes together/ that does matter.

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